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EMA confirms: Covid vaccination never suitable as protection against transmission

EMA confirms political scandal Covid vaccination never suitable for protection against transmission

At the request of some EU MPs, the... EMA European Medicines Agency one of the first scandals of the Corona period uncovered: “You are indeed correct to point out that COVID-19 vaccines have not been authorized for preventing transmission from one person to another. The indications are for protecting the vaccinated individuals only.”

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“By circumventing and ignoring several laws, the committee knowingly introduced potentially lethal injections onto the market. The batch dependency due to the side effects has been admitted, as has the DNA contamination." EU/FvD Press Conference November 21, 2023 The press conference starts in Dutch and is continued in English.

Of course we have at the EMA European Medicines Agency asked, she confirmed the authenticity of the reply letter she wrote to the EU MPs:


In this context you should read this here from the NZZ


Photo / Video: Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash.

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  1. The vaccination protects others INDIRECTLY.: “The approval studies have shown that the probability of becoming infected with the coronavirus was significantly lower as a result of the vaccination,” says Carsten Watzl, head of the immunology research area at the TU Dortmund and Secretary General of the German Society for Immunology (DGfI). “And if I don’t get infected, I can’t pass on the virus.” (
    The fact that the Tagesschau writes that “foreign protection was still in place,” as the NZZ criticizes, refers precisely to this fact. Nobody has claimed that vaccinated people pass on fewer viruses than unvaccinated people with the same viral load.
    In the NZZ article, which you are making a big show out of, it says literally: “The founder and CEO of Biontech, Ugur Sahin, made a similar statement shortly after the vaccination started. “The number of people for whom the Corona PCR test is positive and who are therefore potentially contagious drops by 92 percent after vaccination,” he told the “Bild” newspaper on February 27, 2021. This concluded A journalist from the “Bild” newspaper responded: “That means: vaccinated people are no longer contagious!”
    The fact that politicians and journalists talk and write about something they don't understand reflects poorly on how seriously they take their work. But turning these people’s stupidity into a “vaccination lie” is pure demagoguery. They are trumpeting a fact that was known from the beginning as a “debunking.” This is just demagoguery.

    • In this completely uncommented article you will find a video of a current press conference and a current response from the EMA. This now finally makes it clear, as you yourself wrote: “The fact that politicians and journalists talk and write about something that they do not understand reflects poorly on how seriously they take their work. “I see that much more clearly. If elected representatives, like media funded with taxpayer money, knowingly spread untruths or suppress truths, that is completely out of the question for me. In my opinion, this is sedition, which has ultimately contributed to the division of our society. See also:
      It's interesting that you accuse me of doing exactly that. I would like to point out that this is legally relevant in the sense of slander and insult to honor and that I reserve the right to take further legal action.

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