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Donations enable a healthy future

Health is probably our most important asset. If it is missing, all other problems are suddenly unimportant. Around 300 children develop cancer in Austria every year. A child with cancer wants nothing more than to get well again. St. Anna Children's Cancer Research works tirelessly to help children with cancer to overcome their illness. While almost every second child with cancer had to die more than 40 years ago, today four out of five children can be cured. But we are still losing children to cancer and as long as one child dies, there is still a lot to do.

St. Anna Children's Cancer Research, which has had the Austrian seal of approval for donations since 2002 and belongs to the group of recipients with tax benefits, has been financed mainly through donations since the beginning.

Mascots as little lifesavers

The St. Anna Children's Cancer Research mascot family grows every year. The cuddly toys have been very popular for more than 20 years and are an ideal gift. The little "lifesavers" give courage to children and young people with cancer because they are a thank you for a donation made. Those who take part in this campaign support the important work of children's cancer research with a freely selectable donation and give themselves and / or others a special treat.

Every euro supports the research work and the mission of St. Anna Children's Cancer Research - to enable every child to have a life without cancer. The aim of our team of scientists is to research even faster in order to provide permanent help to those who cannot be cured with the currently available treatment options. Who currently belongs to the cuddly toy zoo and the order information can be found at: to find.

Impressive research success

Children are not little adults and need targeted treatment and research. Advances in clinical and biomedical research have continuously contributed to improved diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis in children with cancer. However, it is also important to reduce side effects and long-term effects. Modern biomedical research is complex and only possible with the support of sponsors and sufficient financial resources.

Every cancer is different. In order to be able to treat a child successfully, everything has to be found out about the respective cancer cells. This is the only way to find out how the cancer is likely to develop, and that in turn is the basis for working out effective therapy concepts. All of this is very expensive. But full analysis of genetic changes in a patient's cancer cells is often necessary in order to develop therapies that can save lives.

The researchers at St. Anna Children's Cancer Research recently succeeded in establishing a clear link between certain forms of immunodeficiency, viral infection and cancer and making a therapy recommendation that cures 95% of severely affected children. There are small patients with extremely rare gene errors that render the CD27 and CD70 proteins inoperable. These two proteins are linked in a signal chain and support the immune system. If they lose their function, it makes people more susceptible to infection by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). An infection with EBV is usually harmless and the virus is detectable in around 90% of people. In immunocompromised people, however, the virus can be very dangerous and cause, for example, malignant lymphomas. An involvement of the two proteins CD27 and CD70 in this process has already been suspected in earlier studies. But now researchers at St. Anna Children's Cancer Research have finally been able to demonstrate a clear connection between the malfunction of CD27 and CD70, EBV infection and the development of cancer. And not only that: The researchers' studies have also shown that a stem cell transplant is the most promising therapy immediately when a lymphoma occurs. Those children who received stem cell transplants for lymphoma before they grew up were 95% cured.

Every euro helps save children's lives

“The fascinating thing about the work in the donation service of St. Anna Children's Cancer Research is the people, their willingness to help and their great commitment to donations. Successful research is only possible with the help of our donor family. The affectionate mascot friends help out. ”, Says Mag. Andrea Prantl from St. Anna Children's Cancer Research

Together with the donor family, the researchers at St. Anna Children's Cancer Research are on the path to ultimately achieve the goal: to be able to cure all children with cancer once and give them a healthy future.

St. Anna Children's Cancer Research, Zimmermannplatz 10, 1090 Vienna

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