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Convicted for trying to help woman have an abortion | Amnesty Germany

Convicted for trying to help a woman have an abortion

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People around the world who advocate for safe access to abortion are stigmatized, intimidated, attacked and unjustly persecuted. And this happens even in countries where abortion is legally permitted under certain circumstances.

Access to safe abortions for unwanted pregnant women must not be hindered either by law or in everyday life. Those who defend this right and enable abortion deserve our respect and protection.
Criminalizing abortion violates human rights and is a form of gender discrimination. Nevertheless, many countries are sticking to a policy of over-regulation and criminalization - including Germany.

Just this year, a court in Poland sentenced obstetrician Justyna Wydrzyńska to eight months of community service for helping a woman get abortion pills.

Amnesty International is currently campaigning for the Polish Attorney General's Office to overturn the conviction with a petition during the annual "letter marathon".

To the petition:

On the criminalization of people who assist in abortions:

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