84 percent for clear labeling of meat products in the supermarket

Labeling of meat products

There is hardly any clearer evidence, according to a recent Greenpeace survey on meat product labeling: 74 percent of all respondents want a legally binding labeling in terms of origin, type of housing, animal feed and animal welfare. Even more, 84 percent want more information on the packaging anyway.
"As the survey shows, the Austrian people finally want clarity in terms of meat. Consumers want to know at a glance where and how the animal lived, whether it had to suffer and whether it had eaten genetically modified feed, "explains Sebastian Theissing-Matei, agricultural expert of Greenpeace in Austria.

Gladly more would be paid

The survey also shows that animal welfare for many consumersInside, three quarters of respondents said they would pay more for meat if the animals were better off during their lifetime. The range here lies in the survey between ten and 50 percent. "For the supermarkets, there is a concrete order on the table here - they must produce the necessary transparency and introduce a meat label similar to that of eggs," demands Theissing-Matei. In the case of eggs, such a transparent identification by origin and type of housing has long been a reality - at a glance it can be recognized whether the chickens originate from the organic farm or from outdoor, ground or cage farming. "The transparent labeling of eggs in supermarkets is a real success story: For us consumersInside, for the chickens and for the Austrian farmers alike. Because today you can only find eggs from Austria and no cage eggs in the cold store, "says Theissing-Matei.

The survey also shows a clear result on the subject of genetic engineering. Here, 84 percent of respondents said they would not buy any animal products - such as meat, milk or eggs - if they knew they were fed GM feed. The environmental organization has recently made public attention to this: Greenpeace is protesting against genetically modified feed in the AMA pig trough at a ministerial council with life-size pig dummies. Because still up to 90 percent of the annually about 2,5 million AMA pigs would be fed with genetically modified soy from overseas. With the banner "No pig needs genetic engineering, Minister Köstinger", the environmental protection organization is calling on the minister to finally make the state AMA quality label GM-free.

The representative survey was conducted by telephone with 502 respondents from the Akonsult polling institute. Greenpeace has also contacted the six most important Austrian supermarket chains asking if they are willing to introduce a transparent meat label. Once the answers are available, they will be published.

Photo / Video: Geric Cruz | Greenpeace.

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