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4 out of 5 energy suppliers operate greenwashing

Global 2000 and profil took a close look at how the Austrian energy industry handles climate-damaging natural gas. The extensive analysis comes to the conclusion, among other things, that four out of five of the energy suppliers examined (46 out of 56) operate some form of greenwashing.

The strategies are varied. Products that are enriched with a small proportion of biogas (5 to max. 30%) are sold as “eco tariffs”, for example, or “climate-neutral” natural gas is faked through CO² compensation. "The most widespread is the misrepresentation of climate-damaging gas as'natural', 'clean', 'environmentally friendly ' or 'Renewable Energy Partner'. But climate-damaging natural gas is not clean, it is part of the problem ”, it says in the Global 2000 broadcast.

The entire Greenwashing Report is available here as a PDF for download.

Photo by Kartikay Sharma on Unsplash

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Written by Karin Bornett

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