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2022 - The Year of the Tiger | WWF Austria

2022 - The Year of the Tiger

100 years ago 100.000 tigers roamed the forests of Asia. Today there are only 3.900 left. They are hunted mercilessly. Caught in deadly wire ...

100 years ago, 100.000 tigers roamed the forests of Asia. Today there are only 3.900. They are hunted down mercilessly. Trapped in deadly wire snares, the tigers die in agony. The illegal trade in their skins, teeth and bones is a deadly business for poachers. As if that weren't enough, tiger habitat is also shrinking dramatically due to the growing population in Asia.

Together we can save the last tigers. With your support, we continue to fight against poaching and illegal trade. By reducing the demand for Tiger products and by monitoring and securing the protected areas. This requires well-trained and equipped rangers. In addition, we work with the responsible authorities on strict controls and are committed to the preservation and protection of the tiger forests in Asia.


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