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🐢💚 Saving the river turtles in the Amazon 💚🐢 | WWF Germany

🐢💚 Saving the river turtles in the Amazon 💚🐢

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🐢💚 Saving the river turtles in the Amazon 💚🐢

Today we have great news! But also a request: We need your help! 👉

In Versalles, a small village on the Rio Iténez in Bolivia, is one of the largest nurseries of river turtles. With support from WWF, local people have started to protect the turtles.

However, there is a new threat - the construction of dams. Turtle eggs rot in the damp sand and baby turtles drown before they are ready to leave their nest. Daily rescue operations are crucial to protect them.

This project is already showing success. Turtle populations are recovering while the cultural and ecological values ​​of indigenous communities are being strengthened. But there is still a lot to do.

Together we can continue to advance investigations, improve living conditions and raise public awareness. Because the protection of river turtles is not only of great importance for the Amazon region, but also for our global environment. Participate!

💚 Together we can create a sustainable future for river turtles and the Amazon! 💚

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